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Hostgator VPS Review-Extremely Fast Virtual Private Server

Posted on 17 August 2012 by Tauseef Alam

Hostgator is a well known rather i would say the Best VPS hosting provider available today. In my today’s Hostgator VPS Review i’m sharing my personal experience about the Virtual Private Server i bought from Hostgator. In my today’s Hostgator VPS Review i’ll tell you why i recommend Hostgator most over  other VPS Hosts.

Hostgator VPS Review

Lets start with Hostgator company profile…..

HostGator.com LLC is a world leading provider of webhosting services which is now a part of World’s largest webhosting group Endurance International Group (EIG). The company is doing business since 2002 & having 12,000 servers under management. Currently company serving more than 400,000 customers in 200 countries. In a survey conducted in June 2008 approximately 90% of HostGator customers reported being satisfied with HostGator and the services it provides. Currently there are more than 8 million domains hosted by HostGator which make up approximately 1% of the world’s Internet traffic.

Why Hostgator VPS Hosting is better than others

When it comes to choosing a Virtual Private Server there are following points that needs to be consider, In our Hostgator VPS Review we’ll discuss them one by one


Everyone wants that the data they’re hosting on internet should be secured from hackers. Hostgator VPS hosting provides a great security for you data by making VPS accounts insulated from each other and this greatly minimizing the risk of unauthorized access from hackers. I’ve read many reviews about Hostgator VPS security & all of them were in favor of Hostgator.


Hostgator VPS Hosting ReviewTo get the most out of your VPS you must ensure it should be build on latest hardware. Hostgator uses latest Dell Power Edge Servers with Dual Nehlem CPU’s which makes it very fast.

  • Dell PowerEdge Servers
  • Fully Customized Hardware Specs
  • Dual Nehalem CPUs (16 Hyperthreaded cores)
  • Fault Tolerant RAID-10 Disk Array with Enterprise Drives


Hostgator Virtual Private Server ReviewHostgator uses one of the worlds fastest & reliable network powered by AT&T and Level 3. The network ensures a minimal downtime & keeps your server available 24*7 from around the globe.

  • Gigabit uplink with a guaranteed 20mbit connection
  • Fully redundant network with no single point of failure
  • Multiple layers of network security
  • Multiple bandwidth providers (AboveNet, ATT, Comcast, Global Crossing, Level(3), NTT)
  • State of the art Data Center with backup power generators and HVAC units.

Low Cost

In our Hostgator VPS review we’ll give 5 out of 5 to Hostgator VPS plans. Hostgator has a plan for everyone. You can choose a plan from 9 levels available. Just slide the slider and choose the VPS that fits your requirement. All the plans come with 20% discount but you can get 25% discount by using our coupon code hostgator25disc

Hostgator VPS Plans

Level 1

CPU: 0.56 GHz
RAM: 384 MB
Disk Space: 10 GB
Bandwidth: 250 GB

Level 2

CPU: 0.84 GHz
RAM: 576 MB
Disk Space: 22 GB
Bandwidth: 375 GB

Level 3

CPU: 1.13 GHz
RAM: 768 MB
Disk Space: 30 GB
Bandwidth: 500 GB

Level 4

CPU: 1.98 GHz
RAM: 1344 MB
Disk Space: 59 GB
Bandwidth: 1050 GB

Level 5

CPU: 2.68 GHz
RAM: 1824 MB
Disk Space: 80 GB
Bandwidth: 1425 GB

Level 6

CPU: 3.39 GHz
RAM: 2034 MB
Disk Space: 102 GB
Bandwidth: 1800 GB

Level 7

CPU: 4.24 GHz
RAM: 3168 MB
Disk Space: 165 GB
Bandwidth: 2250 GB

Level 8

CPU: 5.09 GHz
RAM: 3801 MB
Disk Space: 198 GB
Bandwidth: 2700 GB

Level 9

CPU: 5.94 GHz
RAM: 4435 MB
Disk Space: 231 GB
Bandwidth: 3150 GB

Use our coupon code hostgator25disc to get 25% discount on your VPS purchase from Hostgator.

Customer Support

Hostgator known for its world class customer support.  Hostgator provides following support with every VPS.

  • Fully Managed VPS Hosting (with cPanel/Plesk)
  • Weekly automated off site backups
  • 24/7/365 Top notch support via Phone, Live Chat, and Ticket System (E-mail)
  • 24/7/365 server monitoring

Hostgator VPS features

Hostgator VPS has the following features

Hostgator VPS Hosting Features

  • CentOS Linux with Full Root Access (64-bit with 32-bit Compatibility)
  • Optional cPanel with WHM Control Panel
  • Apache Web Server
  • Supports: MySQL, PHP, Perl, Python (Django), Ruby (on Rails), FFMpeg
  • Secured VPS with free IPTables Firewall
  • Manage your VPS with Virtuozzo Power Panel
  • Ability to install and customize applications
  • Seamless kernel upgrades utilizing KSplice Uptrack
  • Safe Harbor Certified (Details)
Visit Hostgator Website: Click Here


After reviewing the up time, customer support & performance our team gives Hostgator VPS 5 Stars. We’ve taken a great care to include as much information as possible in out Hostgator VPS review but there could be possibility that we missed some information. If you need some more information please leave your comment below and we’ll update the same in our Hostgator VPS review.

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