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Posted on 07 June 2012 by get2tauseef

Looking for low cost web hosting in India? got confused whom to consider? Many times, specially when we’re considering our website to be hosted in India we got confused whom to choose as our web host as cost to host a website in India is higher side compare to rest of the world. Secondly some times we also consider India for getting local support as it is difficult to get telephonic assistance from rest of the world if you’re an Indian resident. To help you on choosing best cheap web hosting solution for your blog/website we’re mentioning some website hosting providers name which provide low cost hosting solution on Indian servers & US, UK servers as well.

Low cost shared hosting providers

1.  Big Rock

2. Host Papa India

3.  Net4 India

4.  Znet

5.  Hostgator India

6.  Ewebguru

The webhosting providers mentioned above offers cheap web hosting on windows & linux platforms.

Low cost website hosting india

There are various factors that you should consider before buying a budget hosting in India. Most of the hosting providers fails providing low cost web hosting solution. we’re mentioning few things that you should consider before buying a right hosting solution for you.

24*7 technical support is the first thing to be consider but that’s not enough to choose the right host. You should also confirm what level of support they’re gonna provide you. Will they be able to give you support in installing or debugging any third party software like wordpress, drupal, megento etc. second what is their turn around time when you raise a trouble ticket.

Price is the second most crucial aspect at the time of choosing a cheap web hosting solution in India. You must research if the prices are competitive, what are the pricing for some add on’s like database, hosting panel etc. There’re many cheap hosting providers which offers a combined package for hosting, database and control panel but some other charges seperatly for each component.

Security is another major point that needs to be considered at the time of choosing a web host. You must confirm what level of security they’re using in their hosting, is firewall & SSL are in place? Are they using SSL on FTP? What technolgy they’ve deployed for fighting against a hackers attack?

Server configuration is another aspect you should consider while choosing a host, you must confirm if they’re using some latest branded hardware and not cheap outdated assembled machines which may lead your website stuck in between or run slow. Most of the hosting providers may hesitate to provide you such details and some other top hosting providers proudly showcase their hardware configuration.

Data Center Type is another tool to measure server uptime. Tier 4 data center will provide you higher uptime & server performance compare to tier 3 data center. In India there are very little or no hosting provider which offer shared hosting in tier 4 data center.

Read some reviews on websites like to know what others are saying. when you’ll read hosting reviews about cheap web hosting solutions you’ll find some very good reviews and some reviews which will be talking about some bad things about the company Don’t worry it happens take your own time to make a decision.

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