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Tips To Choose The Right Website Builder For Photographers

Posted on 01 February 2013 by Tauseef Alam

Many photographers postpone their web designing projects, just because they are not in a position to hire the services of professional designers. On the other hand, they can take their businesses to next levels by showcasing their photos on the websites. Unfortunately, not many of them have the programming skills to design their own websites, or for creating attractive online galleries.
When it comes to photography, it is not just good enough if you create a good website with photo galleries. You should be in a position to upload your new photographs, without having to take help from designers each and every time. The best thing for them would be to use online site builders.
Many website designing products are available on the internet these days. You could select the one that best suits your requirements. You will not need to have any programming experience to use these website builders. They come along with a user guide which will make your task simpler.
Features of different web builder tools:
Many such applications are available free of cost. This means, you need not invest more in the startup costs to establish your photography business. These user friendly tools are a shortcut towards your success.
Some of the popular builders available online include,,,,,, and many others. Among all these, uCoz is preferred by most professional photographers. Modules and user friendly features that come along with this builder are simply awesome.

Other web builders and their drawbacks: charges their customers about $10 annually. However, you get only a few website modules and limited features. Due to these drawbacks, most people avoid choosing this tool. If you are a newbie, you could surely gain some experience by using this builder. Later, you could switch over to a better and advanced tool like uCoz. is available at a starting cost of $99. Due to its high rate, people do not prefer this option. Features available with this builder include free domain name, video press, 10GB disk space and few others.

The benefits of choosing uCoz over others

uCoz offer services and packages to their customers at a much affordable price. They provide you with builder along with a unique domain name for just $37.08 per year. You stand to save your money by using this builder.
Buying this site developer is also quite convenient. All you need to do is subscribe for one year package and get started. As soon as they confirm your payment, you will receive access to a wide array of services on their website. Once you get a hang of using the software, it will take you less than 30 minutes to make your own web pages.

Services offered to the uCoz users:

Facilities like unlimited bandwidth, free domain, 21 super- powerful website modules, hosting with 99% uptime, great website templates, and other features make this tool better over others. Easy implementation of PHP codes and flexibility offered by this tool will help you crate complex and interactive web pages.
Moreover, with uCoz you can even customize programming languages like JavaScript, CSS, HTML, PHP and others to create unique pages. This feature is not available in most of the software tools. The best thing is that you could access it through your iPads, android devices and other mobile phones too. If you face any difficulty while designing the webpage, you could take the help from the uCoz forum. They will respond to you quickly, and solve your concerns in a timely manner.

John is a professional photographer. He also likes to write articles about how photographers could showcase their collections to the world. He personally uses online website builder to create attractive photo galleries.

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