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Top 10 web hosting companies Rating based on independent user reviews

Posted on 18 June 2012 by Tauseef Alam

Top 10 web hosting companies Rating based on independent user reviews

People generally prefer read independent reviews about Webhosting Companies and check reliable top 10 web hosting provider ranking to make a right decision. We respect your concern; today we’re listing best ten webhosting companies based on various reviews & Rating available online.

top-10-web-hosting-companiesIndividual, small business and enterprise, all have different type of webhosting requirement and we recommend our visitors to consider the same at the time of making a decision.  We’re posting a top 10 best host list which provides hosting plans to cater the need of all. You can visit their site and can choose a plan matching to your hosting need.

  1. Hostgator
  2. Dream Host
  3. Blue Host
  4. Green Geeks
  5. IX webhosting
  6. Lunar Pages
  7. In Motion
  8. Host Papa
  9. I Page 
  10. Go Daddy

Based on our research Hostgator has been rated as the top web host based on various reviews available. Most of the users choosen Hostgator as their preferred host.  Hostgator not only provides Economic hosting plans with 99.9% uptime but also provide Hosting on US Based server & Indian Servers.

If you’re a blogger and loves to blog on wordpress than Dream Host is the best choice for you. People rated Dream host as their preferred blog host. Blue host claims to offer WordPress hosting with 100% uptime an 97 days money back guarantee and hosting more than 5,00,000 WordPress blogs and websites.

Money matters and we also agree on this. If you want a best hosting plan in economic price, Blue host is the right choice for you. Users rated Blue host as the most economical web hosting provider. Blue host offers a webhosting plan with free life time domain name and a facility to host unlimited websites and blogs with one click script installation for almost every popular open source software including wordpress, drupal, joomla, megento etc.

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Best Pre installed WordPress Hosting with One Click Install Feature

Posted on 15 June 2012 by Tauseef Alam

WordPress is widely used blogging platform available on internet. Currently Worpress is available in Free hosted and self hosted environment. People prefer self hosted wordpress over the free one because of many reasons including manageability, control and SEO prospective. When it comes to hosting  a wordpress blog, bloggers prefer to host their blog where web host provides Pre-Installed wordpress hosting or WordPress one click install hosting feature. There are few wordpress hosting providers which provides best pre-installed wordpress hosting with one click installation facility.


Blue host is on the top of this list. Blue host offers wordpress hosting powered by SimpleScripts to provides easy one-click management of over 70 of the web’s top applications, including WordPress, Joomla, phpBB and more. Bluehost auto install wordpress hosting comes with Unlimited disk storage, unlimited monthly data transfer, Host unlimited blogs in one account, free life time domain name, $100 Free Google Credit and much more. If you want to host multiple domain names in one hosting package Blue host is the best choice for you.

To know more about Blue host powered wordpress hosting click here.


Dream host wordpress hosting

Dream host is yet another WordPress hosting comes with Pre installed wordpress  with 1-click install and auto-updates facility. WordPress themselves recommended Dream host as their preferred hosting provider.  More than 5 lacs websites and wordpress blogs are currently hosted with Dream host. Dream host one click wordpress hosting comes with unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, Unlimited MySQL 5 databases, and unlimited POP email accounts. Dream Host Pre installed wordpress hosting supports various code languages including PHP5, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails, and many more. The hosting package come with 100% uptime & 97-Day Money Back Guarantee.

To know more about Dream host powered wordpress hosting click here.


HostGator is one of the world’s top 10 largest web hosting companies with more than 8,000,000 hosted domains. Hostgator offers one of the best hosting packages for hosting your wordpress blog with 45 Day Money Back Guarantee and 99.9% uptime. WordPress hosting powered by Hostgator comes with Flexible & Easy to Use Control Panel so that you can keep more control on your blogs. You can Instantly install over 75 open-source scripts with just a click! Including Wordress, joomla, Drupal, magento and all other popular. That’s not enough, you;ll also be getting a Free Website Submission and SEO Tool called Attracta with Guaranteed Inclusion in Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Hostgator wordpress hosting comes with Unlimited MySQL Databases with phpMyAdmin Access and supports Programming Languages including CGI, Fast CGI, PHP 5, Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python, SSI.

Hostgator Discount Coupon Code: Use coupon code hostgator25disc to get 25% discount on your wordpress hosting order.

To know more about Hostgator powered wordpress hosting click here.


Godaddy also offers one of the best single click install wordpress hosting under their brand WordPress 4GH® Web Hosting. The hosting comes with three different packages to choose from. Being world’s largest registrar Godaddy has an edge over other because you can host all of your services under one roof with centralize support for your queries. hosting is powered by Grid Technology, which spreads traffic spikes across multiple servers so your site is always up and running at top speed.

To know more about Godaddy powered wordpress hosting click here.

The above mentioned Top WordPress hosting providers are most reliable host available in the market and you can choose any one of them and believe me you’ll get a great deal.

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VPS vs Shared Hosting: The Difference-Which one is better for you?

Posted on 10 June 2012 by Tauseef Alam

Depending on a website traffic and technical requirement, there are many website hosting packages available in the market. Websites with a little traffic can be run fine on a shared hosting server but website with a huge traffic per day requires a dedicated server, but there are many websites which can’t be run fine on a shared hosting server but doesn’t require a dedicated server or sometimes it’s not affordable for the person to directly move from a shared hosting to a dedicated server, as there is a huge cost involved to buy a dedicated server. Here the concept of Virtual Private Server or VPS Hosting comes into picture. Let’s see the difference VPS vs Shared Hosting: which is better for you.

VPS vs Shared Hosting

VPS Hosting & Shared hosting DifferanceVirtual Private Server (VPS) is a hosting environment which is in middle of Shared hosting & Dedicated Server Hosting.  A Virtual Private Server can be created by partitioning a physical server into multiple virtual machines using virtualization software like VM Ware or Hyper V. Each virtual machine on the physical server would be fully isolated from each other and could run it’s own operating system with full admin control. In a Virtual Private Server an administrator can perform almost all the operations which otherwise only possible with a dedicated server. A person gets the following advantages when he uses a VPS.

  • He can host unlimited websites on to a VPS.
  • He can customize the server as per his requirement.
  • Security in a VPS is higher than a shared server.
  • Unlike a shared hosting plan a VPS is fully Scalable.
  • Performance of a VPS is much higher compare to a shared hosting.

Shared vs VPS HostingOn the other hand Shared Hosting is a type of website hosting services where there are multiple websites hosted onto a single server usually to reduce the cost for everyone. Each website gets its own partition or directory to keep it separate from other hosting. 99 out of 100 websites on internet could be run on a shared hosting server very few requires a dedicated server based on the technical requirement of the website. Shared hosting is most economical option available in the market, that’s the reason it is so popular. Most of the shared hosting plan comes bundled with a control panel like cpanel or plesk. These control panels provides an ease to manage and develop website.

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cheap web hosting solutions available in India

Posted on 07 June 2012 by Tauseef Alam

Looking for low cost web hosting in India? got confused whom to consider? Many times, specially when we’re considering our website to be hosted in India we got confused whom to choose as our web host as cost to host a website in India is higher side compare to rest of the world. Secondly some times we also consider India for getting local support as it is difficult to get telephonic assistance from rest of the world if you’re an Indian resident. To help you on choosing best cheap web hosting solution for your blog/website we’re mentioning some website hosting providers name which provide low cost hosting solution on Indian servers & US, UK servers as well.

Low cost shared hosting providers

1.  Big Rock

2. Host Papa India

3.  Net4 India

4.  Znet

5.  Hostgator India

6.  Ewebguru

The webhosting providers mentioned above offers cheap web hosting on windows & linux platforms.

Low cost website hosting india

There are various factors that you should consider before buying a budget hosting in India. Most of the hosting providers fails providing low cost web hosting solution. we’re mentioning few things that you should consider before buying a right hosting solution for you.

24*7 technical support is the first thing to be consider but that’s not enough to choose the right host. You should also confirm what level of support they’re gonna provide you. Will they be able to give you support in installing or debugging any third party software like wordpress, drupal, megento etc. second what is their turn around time when you raise a trouble ticket.

Price is the second most crucial aspect at the time of choosing a cheap web hosting solution in India. You must research if the prices are competitive, what are the pricing for some add on’s like database, hosting panel etc. There’re many cheap hosting providers which offers a combined package for hosting, database and control panel but some other charges seperatly for each component.

Security is another major point that needs to be considered at the time of choosing a web host. You must confirm what level of security they’re using in their hosting, is firewall & SSL are in place? Are they using SSL on FTP? What technolgy they’ve deployed for fighting against a hackers attack?

Server configuration is another aspect you should consider while choosing a host, you must confirm if they’re using some latest branded hardware and not cheap outdated assembled machines which may lead your website stuck in between or run slow. Most of the hosting providers may hesitate to provide you such details and some other top hosting providers proudly showcase their hardware configuration.

Data Center Type is another tool to measure server uptime. Tier 4 data center will provide you higher uptime & server performance compare to tier 3 data center. In India there are very little or no hosting provider which offer shared hosting in tier 4 data center.

Read some reviews on websites like to know what others are saying. when you’ll read hosting reviews about cheap web hosting solutions you’ll find some very good reviews and some reviews which will be talking about some bad things about the company Don’t worry it happens take your own time to make a decision.

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How to choose best cloud server hosting provider for business

Posted on 03 June 2012 by Tauseef Alam

Cloud hosting is becoming the next big change in terms of hosting the application on internet. Cloud hosting not only provides on demand computing & On demand Scaling but it also helps companies to manage their budget. Right now many new hosting service providers has entered into this business, few big names are Amazon, Rackspace, Microsoft. Now the big challenge in front of  business is how they choose the best cloud hosting provider for themselves  as all of these cloud service providers claim themselves as the best cloud hosting provider. We analyse the cloud hosting solutions offered by different companies and come to some points that needs to be considered at the time of choosing the best cloud hosting provider for your business.

Cloud Hosting

What is cloud computing

According to American National Institute of Standards and Technology

Cloud computing is a model for enabling ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g., networks, servers, storage, applications, and services) that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction.

In simple terminology wikipedia explain cloud computing as “delivery of computing and storage capacity as a service to a heterogeneous community of end-recipients”.

Choosing the Right Cloud Hosting Service Provider

every company has a different set of requirement thus everyone has a different set of criteria to choose the right cloud hosting for business but there are few criteria which remains same for everyone, in our current article we’ll be discussing those criteria’s which every business should consider before selecting your cloud host.


When we buy a cloud hosting from any of the provider we assume that we’ll be getting the support for free, wait, if  you’re thinking the same you’re mistaken. When it comes to cloud servers most of the companies categories their cloud servers in two ways i.e Fully Managed & Unmanaged  cloud servers. In one of the comparison available on Rackspace they’ve mentioned that Amazon charges more than $400 for one month 24*7 support.


This is the most important aspect of cloud computing, before signing up with any cloud host you must check that the cloud hosting solution that you’re gonna buy is scalable upto the  extend that you may reach in future. This simply means that your future  server sizing should be cater with the solution you’re gonna opt.


Apart from the technical assistance you may require some troubleshooting from your hosting provider end when you opt for a managed cloud server. You must check at what level support they’re providing when it comes to troubleshooting. That simply means will they be providing support on root level.

Storage Infrastructure

If you’re buying any of the hosting service whether it’s  a shared hosting or cloud computing after all you’re buying a hosting space. You must be knowing that if your cloud host is using current storage technology i.e RAID 10 or similar kind of technology.

CPU Power

You never know when you require more CPU requirement & when you require less. You must confirm with your cloud server provider that what minimum CPU power they’re offering & is that auto burstable.

Third party software support

Most of the time you require support on software that you’re using on your cloud machine, it could be Operating system, Database or any other software that you may be using. Your cloud host must be capable of supporting mostly used third party software.

These’re the common criteria for every business considering opting cloud hosting as their hosting platform. There’re vary few cloud server providers offers all the features in their cloud hosting packages.

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