Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

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If you’re looking for Cheap VPS Hosting & wants to buy a Best Virtual Private Server for your business, blog or website then you’re not alone, there’re many people like you surf the internet daily to choose best VPS for themselves. People generally buy VPS Hosting when their requirement can’t be manage with shared hosting. VPS Hosting Providers offers various VPS packages with a control panel i.e Plesk, Cpanel etc of your choice. Most of them also offers a Managed VPS Hosting which makes you concentrate more on your work and less on your Virtual Hosting.

Generally Cheap VPS hosting comes with two OS to choose from i.e Windows & Linux. People generally choose a Windows VPS or Plesk VPS when they require an IIS server with & MS SQL database to host their application.  A Linux VPS or LAMP VPS is chosen by those people who need an Apache server with PHP & MY SQL database. Linux VPS hosting is more popular because of its open source nature and it supports hundreds of open source software available on internet like WordPress, Drupal, Megento, Wiki, Joomla etc.   A Virtual Dedicated Server allows users to choose an operating system like Windows, Linux, Ubuntu & install custom software of their choice with a database i.e MS SQL & MY SQL. Generally VPS Hosts categories Cheap VPS Hosting in Managed VPS & Unmanaged VPS and sets the VPS pricing accordingly. Best Virtual Private Server providers offer an unmetered VPS.

Top cheap VPS Hosting Providers

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What is a Virtual Private Server

If you’re familiar with website hosting services you must’ve heard the word Virtual Private Server or VPS Hosting. Now a day’s almost every other top hosting service provider offering Cheap VPS Hosting. Virtual Private Server is a term used for the virtual machine which is used by an individual customer exclusively. Virtual Private Server exclusively allows multiple customers to share the resources of one server with high degree of security.  The main advantage of a VPS Hosting is that customer also gets the root level access of the server which he doesn’t get if he buys a shared hosting service. Cheap VPS Hosting is an ideal solution for businesses that are looking for better server resources to host their applications but couldn’t afford a costly dedicated server or collocation services. Usually all the VPS hosting service providers offers pay as per you go pricing i.e you have to pay only for those resources that you’re using in your Virtual Machine.  Sometime virtual root server (VRS) and virtual dedicated server (VDS) are also used as synonyms of VPS.

Advantages of Virtual Private Server (VPS)

There are numerous advantages of using Cheap Virtual Private Server but the main advantages are as follows.

Security: A Cheap VPS Hosting is usually more secure than a shared hosting because VPS accounts are insulated from each other and this minimize the risk of any hackers attack.

Performance: You get a great performance on Cheap VPS Hosting compared to shared hosting service because you get virtually dedicated recourses exclusively for your virtual machine and this improves the performance of your virtual dedicated server.

Control:   Unlike a shared server, Virtual Root Server or Virtual Dedicated Server allows you to manage & control the Virtual server as per your requirement. You can any time customize the Virtual server, install custom software, can restart server or can do anything which is not possible on a shared hosting platform.

Cost: Cost is the main advantage when you opt a virtual machine to host your application. It’s many times cheaper to choose a Virtual Private Server over to a Dedicated Server.

Technology behind VPS

Now you must be keen to know that what technology works behind a virtual machine. There are many software available which allows partitioning a physical server into multiple virtual machines. The most used and user friendly software which is used to create a VPS is VMWare, It is just similar to the other software that you use on your computer. other software’s like Hyper-V from Microsoft, Virtuozzo from Parallels, XEN & Open VZ for running on linux servers are available in the market to setup a Virtual private Server.

Cloud VPS (Cloud Server)

Generally a VPS which is dynamic referred as Cloud Server. Additional Recourses like CPU, RAM, Storage etc can be added any time in a cloud server.

Why VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a hosting environment which is in middle of Shared hosting & Dedicated Server Hosting. It allows customers to share a server in such a manner where each customer gets dedicated resources without compromising the performance. Cheap VPS Hosting is a best solution for those who are looking for features of dedicated server in some cheaper prices like more number of CPU’s, Dedicated RAM, and Customized server settings etc. People gets root level access of the Virtual server and can use the Virtual server in a manner which suits him best. Most of the companies now a day’s offering dynamic VPS or Cloud Servers which allows to upgrade the resources dynamically when you need it. Suppose you are running an education portal and wants to upload results on your site and expecting a hike of 100% in traffic. You can manage this with a cloud server. You buy a cheap VPS hosting and upgrade its resources for that perticular period and when your result period is over restore you Cheap VPS hosting to it origional configuration and you’ll be charged accordingly, you need not to switch to some other plan or need to move to a new Cheap VPS Hosting server. This is a power of choosing a VPS over shared server.

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